Charges:  Armed Home Invasion, Assault and Battery Dangerous Weapon, Assault Dangerous Weapon
Client facing possible 20 years to lifetime commitment to state prison on armed home invasion case; four civilian witnesses testified that client entered home while armed with a weapon and threatened persons inside; over the course of a multi-day trial, cross-examination of prosecution's civilian and police officer witnesses revealed numerous significant  inconsistencies in witness accounts of event at trial and prior inconsistent statements pretrial. 
Result:  Jury deliberated for less than one hour before returning Not Guilty verdicts on all counts.  

Situation:  Client charged with Shoplifting and summonsed to appear at a clerk's hearing

Client is charged with shoplifting and has a prior criminal record. Client signs written statement admitting guilt.  There is ample probable cause to issue the criminal complaint against client and to schedule client for arraignment. 
Result:  Attorney Pang convinces clerk-magistrate to not issue a criminal complaint against client, thereby preventing additional charge from appearing on client's record. 

Situation:  Motion to Seal Criminal Record
Client who is unable to obtain employment due to multiple felony charges involving theft and dishonesty on CORI hires Attorney Pang to seal client's criminal record.  
Result:  Motion to seal allowed, over prosecutor's objection; client is able to, and actually does, obtain employment.    

Charge:  Felony Operating Under the Influence, 5th Offense
Civilian witnesses claimed  client drove their car without permission while drunk, and police claimed that defendant admitted to driving car to them. 
Result:  Not Guilty after cross-examination revealed inconsistencies in both civilian and police witness accounts. 

Charge:  Felony Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon (car)

Defendant alleged to have rammed middle school principal with his car. 
Result:  Not Guilty after witnesses found by Attorney Pang provided account of facts contrary to principal's story. 

Situation:  Motion to Seal Criminal Record

Client applying to prestigious graduate schools with a domestic assault and battery on his CORI hires Attorney Pang to petition District Court to seal his record.  Prosecutor objects at hearing to sealing. 
Result:  Motion to seal allowed, over prosecutor's objection.  

Charge: Felony Larceny Over $250
Client charged with stealing electronics from major retailer.  Caught while leaving store and gave written statement admitting guilt. 
Result:  Charges dismissed prior to arraignment, resulting in preservation of client's spotless Board of Probation record.   

Situation:  Restraining Order Extension Hearing
Restraining order issued against client resulted in his being violated on parole.  On hearing to extend restraining order, client's ex-girlfriend testified as to why restraining order should be extended, crying at appropriate times. 
Result:  Restraining order not extended after Attorney Pang raises doubts as to plaintiff's credibility and convinces judge that client's alleged actions did not rise to the level required by statute to issue a restraining order. 

Charge:  Assault and Battery

Client charged with assault and battery after standing up to  school bully.  Bully and his girlfriend testified that client beat him so badly he had to go to the hospital.  Pictures of bully in hospital showed bruising, cuts and swelling on bully's face. 
Result:  Not Guilty after vigorous cross-examination of bully and girlfriend convinced jury that client acted in self-defense. 

Charge:  Operating Under the Influence

Client seen swerving and alleged to have failed roadside sobriety tests 
Result:  Not Guilty after cross-examination of arresting officer revealed deficiencies in manner in which sobriety tests were conducted and other glaring weaknesses in the prosecution's case.   

Charge:  Possession of Stolen Firearm

Police search of juvenile client's room pursuant to consent given by his mother turned up a stolen firearm. 
Result:  Motion to suppress allowed, firearm suppressed from evidence, all charges dismissed.   

Charge:  Resisting Arrest
Client alleged to have fled from police and was arrested at gunpoint. 
Result:  Motion to dismiss allowed on theory that police were not effecting an arrest at the time client fled. 

Charge:  Possession of Class B Drug With Intent to Distribute; School Zone Violation

Police stopped car based on informant's tip, allegedly recovered crack cocaine from client's person. 
Result:  Motion to suppress allowed and all charges dismissed.   

Charge:  Misleading a Police Officer

Client alleged to have mislead a police officer during a sexual assault investigation. 
Result:  Motion to dismiss allowed.  

Charge:  Larceny of Shotgun
Client alleged to have stolen loaded shotgun from residence after homeowner's daughter accuses client of the crime. 
Result:  Motion to dismiss allowed.  

Charge:  Negligent Operation of Motor Vehicle

Client had epileptic seizure while driving, resulting in multiple vehicle collisions, but denied having seizure to police at the scene of arrest.
Result:  Dismissed prior to trial through use of expert witness to convince prosecutor to drop all charges.   

Charge:  Violation of Probation for Positive Opiate Test

Probationer alleged to have used heroin in violation of his probation after testing positive on urine test.  
Result:  No violation of probation found after Attorney Pang has client take a more reliable drug test and no drugs were detected.   

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