My clients come from all walks of life.  I have defended stay-at-home moms, tradespersons, white-collar professionals, business persons and students.  The comments below exemplify the caliber of work I have done and will continue to do for my clients. 
~ Dominic Pang

"Dominic handled a sealing matter for me. I did extensive research and he was very active in many online boards. His answers were concise and he was very knowledgeable and seemed spot on from a layman's perspective. During our first phone call he was bright and engaging asking many questions and answering all of mine. Such a petition can take some time but in the interim he was immediately responsive to any questions or concerns I had. Emails would be returned within a day and often in a couple of hours.

On the day of the sealing he spoke with me and explained the process and the possible outcomes. It was good feeling I had someone so competent on my side.

When the judge finally heard the matter he took some time to read the case but came back saying that he was initially going to deny the motion but that Dominic's motion was "brilliantly written." The judge then spent several minutes praising Mr. Pang's legal expertise. He went so far as to say it would have been a "pleasure to hear his oral arguments" but since his motion was so well written it was unnecessary. It is a great feeling to have your advocate praised in court. The motion was approved and the record was sealed.

I would highly recommend Dominic Pang. Court is not a fun place to be but if Dominic is your lawyer your odds of success greatly improve. Thank you! "

~J.M., Wrentham MA
"Thanks again for your counsel,guidance and patience over the last four months.  I really appreciate your professionalism, thorough knowledge of the system, confidentiality and ultimately success at the hearing.  You are a rock star lawyer!"  ~ C.T., Middlesex County
"No lawyer that I ever had before cared about what I had to say.  They all just wanted me to plead out and make things easy for themselves.  Most of them wanted to do the least amount of work possible.  Mr. Pang was different.  He was always honest with me and I felt he really cared about my case.  He tracked down witnesses so that at trial, it was more than just my word against the police.  The jury found me not guilty.  He is a very good  criminal defense lawyer. "  ~ M.P., Dorchester MA

"He convinced the judge to suppress all the evidence in my gun case!  The DA had to dismiss after we won the motion to suppress." ~L.K., Quincy MA
"Attorney Pang kept my son from being committed to the Department of Youth Services after he violated his probation.  The probation officer wanted my son committed to DYS until he was 18, but Mr. Pang's impassioned and moving arguments to the judge convinced him to give my boy another chance.  I cannot thank Mr. Pang enough for what he did for my son."  ~J.A., Braintree MA

"Dominic was great.  He got me a very favorable outcome and always returned my calls quickly." ~R.T., Weymouth MA
"Mr. Pang helped my husband beat the drunk driving charges he was facing, explained everything very thoroughly and clearly to us, and was always available to address our concerns.  He really cares about his clients, and I am extremely pleased with how he handled our case."  ~P.G., Quincy MA
"Attorney Pang thoroughly investigated my case and discovered evidence that made a huge difference at my trial.  He was able to show the jury how the witnesses against me were lying, and I was found not guilty.  Thank you!"  ~J.D., Dedham MA
"Dominic did an excellent job representing my case concerning my traffic citation(failure to stop for a school bus). He was very thorough and always returned my emails and phone calls promptly.  It was Dominic's knowledge and professional presentation of my case that ultimately resulted in a very favorable outcome- ticket dismissed. "
~D.C, Norfolk County
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