"Mr. Pang helped my husband beat the drunk driving charges he was facing, explained everything very thoroughly and clearly to us, and was always available to address our concerns.  He really cares about his clients, and I am extremely pleased with how he handled our case." 

~P.G., Quincy MA

Massachusetts Drunk Driving and Motor Vehicle Crime Lawyer

Criminal defense attorney Dominic Pang zealously defends clients charged with Operating Under the Influence (OUI) and all other motor vehicle related crimes. In many ways, being convicted of an OUI carries more social stigma than other crimes.  A criminal conviction can have severe consequences, including loss of driving privileges and loss of employment, and can subject an individual to restrictive probation conditions. Attorney Dominic L. Pang understands the magnitude of these types of cases, and works relentlessly to ensure no client of his loses their rights or freedom due to a criminal conviction. If you have been accused of committing a criminal offense, it's imperative that you contact an experienced, resourceful, and aggressive defense attorney to protect you throughout the legal process.

We defend clients charged with:

  • Operating Under the Influence - Liquor
  • Operating Under the Influence - Drugs
  • Negligent Operation
  • Leaving the Scene of Property Damage
  • Leaving the Scene of Personal Injury
  • Operating After Suspension
  • Operating While Unlicensed
  • Possession of Forged RMV Document
  • Uninsured Operation
  • All other motor vehicle crimes and civil infractions

Your actions in regards to a breath test carry drivers license suspensions from the Registry of Motor vehicle that are separate from and in additional to any suspension imposed by a court for the criminal drunk driving case.  License suspensions for breathalyzer refusal, breathalyzer failure, and drunk driving convictions.

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