Situation:  Restraining Order Extension Hearing
Restraining order issued against client resulted in his being violated on parole.  On hearing to extend restraining order, client's ex-girlfriend testified as to why restraining order should be extended, crying at appropriate times.  Result:  Restraining order not extended after Attorney Pang raises doubts as to plaintiff's credibility and convinces judge that client's alleged actions did not rise to the level required by statute to issue a restraining order. 

Massachusetts Domestic Violence and Restraining Order Lawyer

In Massachusetts, a restraining order is a civil order, but violation of this civil order results in criminal charges.  It does not take much for a person to get a restraining order, but the effect a restraining order can have on your life can be enormous.  Restraining orders limit where you can go and cannot go; they hurt your standing in the community; they negatively impact your ability to bear arms; they can even keep you from coaching your child's sports team.  

Was the order issued because you did something to make the other party angry with you?  Was an order sought in order to enhance a soon-to-be ex-spouse's bargaining position in a divorce?  Did everything the plaintiff allege not constitute conduct that qualifies for the issuance of a restraining order, but a judge issued one anyway "just to be on the safe side"? 

At the Law Office of Dominic L. Pang, we assist out clients every step of the way, from preventing them from being issued in the first place to preventing them from being  extended, by thoroughly investigating the facts surrounding the case and looking for evidence of bias, hidden motive and/or anger that may be used to fight the restraining order and any associated domestic violence charges. 

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